About COM'ça Communications

  • English-French Translation

  • French Editing and Proofreading

  • Publications Management


      COM'ça has put together a team of highly experienced, professional language and media specialists. Our members are accredited by the government of Canada, the government of Ontario or a professional association (ATIO, OTTIAQ).


      COM'ça has been providing superior quality services to a demanding clientele for more than 30 years: federal and provincial governments, private corporations and non-governemental organizations. After assessing your needs, we will be happy to recommend a solution tailor-made to your requirements.


      All documents delivered by COM'ça are reviewed by a second team member. In cases where clients are unable to ensure a final check (when, for example, there is no French-speaking personnel to do so), the translations go through an additional proofreading stage. No longer do you have to incur extra expenses to have a translation edited, revised or proofread.


      With its extensive network, its state-of-the-art equipment and its many years of experience, COM'ça can respond quickly and efficiently to the clients' needs, be it the translation of a memo or the management of a large publishing project.


      All work for a client is handled by a single person, guaranteeing coherence and consistency. We can also develop glossaries or style manuals for your staff or other suppliers.


      We offer full desktop publishing services. Because translation is part of an integrated editing process, redundancy is avoided and costs kept to a minimum during the layout and printing stages.


      Our rates are very competitive and our quality/price ratio is exceptional. Rates are based on deadlines, the scope of a project and the expertise required.